There are only two reasons why no-one’s reading what you wrote:*

1: You don’t have an audience, or
2: Your content is rubbish

*Spoiler alert: It could be both – no audience is ever hungry for rubbish content.

But…there’s a point below which even the best content isn’t going to get engagement.

That’s your MVA – your Minimum Viable Audience

If it feels like you’re frying your brains at the altar of daily content overwhelm, then maybe you need to take a step back and evaluate who’s reading or watching it.

If the answer is “nobody”, then give yourself a break.

You wouldn’t do a stand-up routine on an empty stage in a derelict theatre and expect a round of applause.

Stop writing for nobody and focus on attracting some more ideal clients to your tribe.


Audience Before Content, every time.


PS – If you want an easy way to find your perfect, hungry audience, here it is. 

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