Have you ever said any of these things, even to your self?

  • If I could get 5 clients a month, I’d be happy
  • I just need to reach six-figures a year
  • I have to have another 1,000 names on my email list
  • 500 members in the FB Group and everything changes
  • I must get one speaking gig a month

Thing is, building a coaching or therapy practice isn’t a finite task with a start and an end.

Goals like those are useful only as intermediate milestones.

Besides, if you’ve cracked the code up to that point, why would you stop?

The skills you learned are infinitely scalable, so just keep on doing what you’re doing till you can’t or don’t want to anymore.

You’ve got a massive transformational purpose to bring to the world.

The word “enough” doesn’t figure anywhere in that.


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