I was struck by the performance of Formula One legend Fernando Alonso in the recent LeMans 24-hour endurance race, a discipline he had no prior experience of.

He shared a car with two other drivers. Between the three of them, they brought their exotic Toyota hybrid sportscar home ahead of the rest, after spending a whole earth-spin racing.

Alonso wasn’t the fastest over a single lap – his Japanese co-driver claimed that, but when the average of Fernando’s fastest 50 laps was measured, he was easily quicker than ANY other driver in the race.

All 180 of them.

In your coaching practice too, relentless consistency always beats the occasional wild effort.

  • Writing something every day gets you noticed more than a perfect one-liner twice a month
  • Reprising the same messaging and language throughout makes people understand you, eventually
  • Repurposing content across platforms saves time and gives your audience options how they consume you
  • Showing up and starting conversations every day beats a ceremonial wave from your window when you feel like it
  • Social media algorithms reward regularity with ramped-up reach, so more people see more of you

Tortoise vs hare is an old cliche.

In your 21st-century business (and motorsport) it’s still as true as ever.


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