I had a coach yesterday tell me that it was “alright for you”, but she didn’t have a following or a Facebook Group, or a etc etc…

Here are some ways to reset that mindset:

  • Nobody starts out with a “following”, whatever that means anyway
  • Believing someone has a “special sauce” that you don’t, gives you an excuse to do nothing
  • It’s unproductive to compare yourself to others. Their journey is always different to yours
  • No-one is on a pedestal that’s too hard to reach for yourself
  • If you reverse-engineer what they’re doing, you can do it too!

As I said to my friend, the only difference in me and you is timing.

I was where you are now 12 months ago.

So, I’m a year ahead of you, right now.

In a year’s time, the difference between you and me will be measured by the processes you’ve put in place, and the action you’ve taken.

Now, get to work and stop whining. 


PS – Here’s a process that’ll help you build that mythical Facebook Group, more easily. 

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