As Seth Godin says, you might not get the microphone back for a while.

But that’s no reason to blather, or demand that your audience listens to a litany of stuff you think you need them to hear.

Nothing works better than a single, clear message. Here’s some examples:

  • What one thing do you want me to do when I click on your website? It’s called the Most Wanted Action (MWA) and I need to be able to work it out in under 3 seconds.
  • Don’t email colleagues with a to-do list to be worked through by tomorrow. Ask them to do one thing, now.
  • When you’re presenting to a live audience, stick to the topic. Deviation is a crime that leaves our heads spinning.
  • Facebook ads/flyers/tweets not working? It might be because we can’t read your message for padding and waffle. Cut out ten words and try it again.
  • Rambling email newsletters with updates about you are a lousy way to stay in touch with your audience. Better to send them a quick note asking them to actually DO something specific and useful.
  • I don’t want to read about your wide-ranging skills and roles on your business card. If a two-word title can’t tell me what you do, it’s probably a made-up job anyway.

You wouldn’t ask your spouse to grab you a beer, bring your slippers, change the TV channel, book the vacation and walk the dog. You might get one of those at best (more likely none) so don’t burden us with your woolly wish lists either.

Author: Jonny | This could change your life

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