I’ve just spent a few days lovingly putting together the Client Attraction Summit content for you. 

That’s the one-day, one-off event that’s happening on the 9th January 2021.

As I collated my keynote based around the JHM mission, I realised I was discovering some amazing things:

  • What I’m REALLY here for
  • How I can express that simply and clearly to an audience who’ve partly never met me
  • How I can make it entertaining and fun
  • How I’m going to reach more people than ever before with live events in 2021
  • How exciting it is creating content that stirs the imagination

Of course I’ve learnt most of this stuff from my peers, and over years.

And no doubt you’re developing some amazing skills by working with others just a little way further down the line than you.

But sometimes it’s nice to stand still and realise just how much you already know. 


PS: The Client Attraction Summit? Here it is, with a handful of exclusive VIP tickets left. 

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