I’ve been optimising my sleep routines for years, and have finally got to a place where I wake up every morning energised, alert, and happy!

Here are five simple rules which have transformed my waking hours into powerful productivity sprints:

  • Drinking a glass of water before settling. Don’t worry, your bladder gets used to it after a few days!
  • Keeping the room cool and completely dark. No light sneaking in round the loose curtains
  • No coffee or alcohol with 4 hours of bedtime. Sorry…cruel-to-be-kind and all that.
  • No screens – phones or TV – within an hour before you turn in
  • Finally, keeping the same sleep and wake times, even at weekends. Routine is key to proper sleep

And there you have it – Jonny’s secrets for youth, vigour and vitality – all essential elements of a successful life.

You know the really cool thing?

The experts agree with me!


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