Using everybody’s favourite social media site for business can be a frustrating and puzzling affair.

Whilst the intricacies of the Facebook algorithm are not fully understood by anyone (FB staff included!), it’s still possible to learn by experience and start to utilise the platform in a useful way.

Scott Doucet and I were rapping about some basic dos and don’ts in EP1 of The LIVE Jonny Hates Marketing Chat Show yesterday, and covered a lot of ground:

  • Posting external links is almost certainly the biggest reach-killer you could think of
  • Video, especially LIVE video, is the sweetest way to get noticed
  • Images with small amounts of text are next best
  • Posting regular, consistent and relevant content is an essential strategy
  • Engage, react and reply when your members/fans do so with you
  • Polls are a lovely way to entertain and amuse – bubble-wrap as Scott said!

Most of the best practice is pretty easy to learn, but you do need to be aware of it, and all of it.

We covered A-Z in the Jonny Hates Marketing Chat Show right here.

It’s worth a watch, as upsetting the “algo” on a regular basis will get you bumped down from the captain’s table to the litter tray.


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