Your Client Attraction Machine Is Right Here!

Are you ready to escape boom-and-bust selling and switch on effortless marketing forever?

What would it mean if your thriving practice was growing every single month?

Would you like to work less, earn more and operate your business from anywhere in the world?

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“You’re a coach, trainer or therapist wanting to escape from marketing overwhelm”

How transformational would it be, if you had a roadmap to unlimited abundance, wealth and happiness?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if you had direct access to one-to-one coaching to help you build your own thriving practice?

No-one can achieve lasting greatness by themselves. You are the product of the five people closest to you, and you’d better choose well.

That’s why I created The Jonny Hates Marketing Inner Circle exclusively for you, bringing together experts and practitioners who can lead by example and help you to supercharge your business right now.

As an Inner Circle Member, you’ll get an exclusive members-only weekly LIVE coaching call with me and specially selected guest experts on ZOOM, where you can ask questions, learn some cool new stuff and get access to exclusive offers created for my Inner Circle friends.  

The Jonny Hates Marketing Inner Circle is your fast-track to effortless marketing, impact and abundance.

Let’s get on with it!

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Here’s what you’ll get when you join the JHM Inner Circle

  • Your own personalised Effortless Marketing Success Plan and Workbook
  • Weekly Group coaching sessions with Jonny and other JHM Masterminds
  • Accountability and goal-setting after each session
  • Daily Brain Tattoos by email and online
  • 24/7 email access to Jonny and other JHM Masterminds
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