On our Inner Circle call this week, Virginia-based super-coach Bradley Grinnen opened up on how he’s grown his business-coaching practice in three years from $3k a month to a regular $30k.

Mid-this year, he hit $50k in one month.

When we asked him to explain how he’s achieved such remarkable growth, he was pretty clear:

Laser focus on an outcome niche.

That means understanding what great transformational benefit he brings to the world, and learning to express that to anyone who looks like his ideal client.

No waffley, half-assed “Oh I’m a coach” stuff.

Just a driving passion to help as many people as he can through showing them how he can change their lives and their businesses.

He said he’s now working out how to scale to $200k a month, and he’ll let us know when he has. 

The sky isn’t the limit for Bradley, or for you.

It’s only your imagination that’s holding you down.

How high are you planning to go?


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