Here’s a 3-point test to check if you’re positioning yourself as a leader amongst your tribe:

1. Have you identified a group of people who’d benefit most from what you do?
2. Do you post, write and speak consistently about how you can help them?
3. Are members of that group reaching out to YOU regularly for advice and support?

If you tick all three, well done!

If you’re felling like you could improve your impact with ideal clients, I can help.

JHM is a growing and ever-more-loyal group of over 10,000 of my perfect tribe across Facebook, LinkedIn and email.

I’ve declared this week #CommunityWeek in the JHM FB Group, with one simple goal:

“By Friday, you will have understood how to launch and build a thriving community and position yourself as the leader.”

If you fancy that, make sure you’re hanging out in the JHM FB Group all this week.


PS – Entrance to my members-only community – The JHM Inner Circle – is open now until Friday the 5th April. Find out more here. 

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