As Rich Litvin points out, people are only asking two questions when they read what you write:

1: Do you get me?
2: Can you help me?

If we feel like you get us, and you can help us, we are IN.

If you make us wade through the word-treacle of your smart-ass job title, peculiar skills, professional certifications and time-served experience, we’re going to click, swipe or block the hell away from you.

You don’t stand a chance.

So if you want to earn our attention, address us directly.

Write like you’re speaking to me, personally.

❌ That means no second-hand memes (except the one on this post, obvs).
❌ No links to somebody else’s 54-minute YouTube masterpiece.
❌ No swooning drivel about how great Oprah is.

Entertain me.

Inform me.

Look me in the eye and tell me you understand what I’m going through.

Then, without diverting your gaze, tell me how you can help me, and now.

Anything else is just wasting both our time.


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