I’ve always been aware that any email I send, any post I write, or phone call I make is a potential interruption.

In fact, it’s most likely an ACTUAL interruption.

That’s because you’re bound to be already doing something when my message arrives.

So, I work really hard to be clear, concise and useful in every interaction I instigate with you, by:

  • Sharing an actionable insight
  • Making an offer to help you
  • Shining a light on something I know works
  • Trying to make you laugh (that’s a toughie, but I keep trying)
  • Keeping it brief

And it’s the same for all of us.

Anything YOU send will be interrupting someone, somehow.

The only thing that’s in your control is whether it’s a welcome interruption, or not.


PS: Wanna hear about the night I hated myself? 

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