Have you heard about that mythical point in a marketer’s life when prospects start arriving, unannounced on your doorstep?

Not approached, invited or advertised-to, but the genuine they-found-you type of deal.

I wasn’t sure whether that was really a thing, until recently.

Just this month, 42 people I don’t know have asked to join my Facebook Group, Jonny Hates Marketing.

Today already, a stranger PM’d me to say that someone in the ClickFunnels Group (that’s a massive community) said I was “a master of Facebook Groups”.

His words, not mine.

Someone even recognised me in a London hotel last weekend, from one of my profile pics…!

So, how is this happening? How did I get to the tipping point where people are starting to hit me up, unannounced?

More to the point, how can YOU do the same?

Here’s my 7-point plan ~

  • Identify exactly who you want to work with
  • Develop a compelling, interesting brand
  • Explain the ONE, single value you bring, with absolute clarity
  • Create consistent, compelling regular content (mine’s daily – thanks for reading!)
  • Speak with integrity and authenticity in everything you do
  • Always be offering a paid service with a simple route for people to join
  • Make it desperately easy for anyone to find you when they want you

I’m not saying those are THE ONLY seven things you need to do to create an inbound marketing machine, but they’re working for me.

Try them, and let me know how they work for you.

Your tipping point from outbound to inbound could be closer than you think. 


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