Remember I invited you to experience the members-only Academy Secret Session yesterday, with my compliments?

Well, whether you showed up live or not, (66 of you did!) here’s the recording for you to watch, listen and cherish forever!

Yes, we opened the doors to non-members, who enjoyed a fabulous workshop all about:

🚀 The easy way to launch your membership community
🚀 The wealth-creation and impact of your group programme
🚀 The effort-less simplicity of a solid, VIP 1-2-1 offer
🚀 Fitting it all together so it works for YOU and them
🚀 How this means you can sell to (almost) everyone

This was an eye-opening addition to Salesebruary in JHM, and you will not want to miss it the recording.

If you’d like to be invited EVERY week to these incredibly impactful sessions, you’ll need to join the Client Attraction Academy.

For now, just enjoy this session, no strings.

Love you lots

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