As Seth Godin points out, there’s a huge gulf between earned expertise and strong opinion.

And we’re seeing plenty of the latter these days.

Whether on social media, in the news or even from government leaders, everyone’s ready to proffer often baseless ideas dressed as truth.

Closer to home, I’ve spotted coaches and gooroos spinning clearly unproven advice, theories and tactics around advertising, marketing and sales.

It can be hard to separate truth from fiction in the wider world, but here are some wheat-from-chaff questions you can use to check the suitability of your next business adviser:

  • Are they using language you can understand when they’re making offers?
  • Do they have people just like you independently raving about them?
  • Are they already living the life you’re aspiring to lead yourself?

A “NO” at any of those points is a “HELL NO!” for me.

Just my opinion, of course.


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