Obvious statement: The accumulated knowledge of the entire human race is a Google search away from any of us.

And yet, there are no signs that the current human race is getting smarter.

If anything, we’re getting more likely to argue against science, vote for idiots to lead us and generally make shit up.

Here are the reasons we’re not all smart as Aristotle yet:

  • Access to everything is too much. Fatal overwhelm beckons
  • We don’t always find what we want, because we ask poor questions
  • Knowledge is not wisdom, it’s just knowledge
  • The internet is the opposite of a cure for procrastination
  • Everyone else can see the same things we can

And in our profession too, although there’s the opportunity for anyone to be a marketing ninja and be known on the world stage to enraptured audiences, it’s not happening. The coaching and therapy industry is dramatically underperforming.

Put kindly – most of you are failing to meet your potential.

It’s my mission to change that, one person at a time.

You don’t need more information
You don’t need more facts
You don’t need more gooroos

You just need a little support, some guided walkthroughs, and to be pointed to the RIGHT stuff. 

And that’s worked so far, for the 224 inspired coaches and therapists just like you who’ve joined the Client Attraction Blueprint since 2018.

If you like the idea of making 2021 the year when you get exponentially smarter and finally crack the code of effortless client attraction, check out the programme that’s transforming the health and wealth of our profession:


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They’re all smart ones.

Love you lots

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