After today, you have one more day of this spectacularly unpopular year left. 

And you may have thrived amongst the chaos, or you may have bumbled along wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

BAD NEWS: Next year will be pretty much the same as this year, so long as you stick in your rut, doing the same stuff you did, making the same mistakes you did, and selling the same services you did.


GOOD NEWS: It could be exponentially better, and here’s how:

  • You start speaking to your single, ideal client in language they use about themselves
  • You finally get your group programme together, leveraging your precious irreplaceable time
  • You build a thriving community of people who see you as an authority and a leader
  • You get really, REALLY good at engaging, listening and starting conversations
  • You realise there should be no former clients, and engage everyone long-term

That stuff’s not simple, particularly if you’re not doing it already.

But, it’s not so hard that you can’t learn it, implement it and start earning from it in the first few months of 2022.

I want you to have the chance to do exactly that, which is why I’ve opened two ways for you to work with JHM starting today:

  1. The FAST-TRACK : Otherwise known as the Client Attraction Academy. It’s the awesome members-only marketing community, with weekly LIVE coaching and access to our ever-growing content vault of ebook, cheat-sheets and video trainings. The Academy is your low-cost route to a whole world of support, knowledge and impact.
  2. The HYPERFAST-TRACK: AKA the Client Attraction Blueprint. This is the acclaimed 12-week, small-group, hands-on guided coaching package with loads of personal attention. It’ll get your group programme built in a matter of weeks. Over 250 coaches, trainers and therapists just like you have launched or grown their thriving practices from the CAB since March 2018

I’m not going to make up any artificial deadlines for you to join the JHM world and start to turn your expertise into an ACTUAL business.

There’s no need for me to make up a deadline, because the deadline is real.

It’s 2022 next week.

If you don’t make a change right NOW, when are you going to?

You won’t get another chance to make 2022 better than 2021.


PS – If you’re allergic to clicking links, just reply to this and ask me about whatever you need. I’m serious about making this your best year ever. 

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