Here’s an interesting thought exercise.

Let’s compare the average coach/therapist to a traditional business in bricks and mortar.

I’ll pick my favourite local bistro owner as an example:

He invested £350,000 borrowed from banks and family to get started
He shows up every day by 10am, gets the tables out and fires up the kitchen
All day long he supervises staff, entertains customers and manages stock levels
He’s ready to leave at 11.30pm, turns everything off, locks the doors and goes home
In a good month, he nets £5,000 after he’s paid out 80% of his takings to everyone else

Now let’s look at a typical 21st century online coaching or therapy “business owner”:

They invest a lifetime of learning, accumulated skills and knowledge
They show up when they feel like it and find excuses not to if they don’t
They only have to supervise themselves, and even that’s too hard sometimes
They pack in when the kids come home and give their business barely another thought
In a good month, they could net £5,000 from a topline income of £5,500, but they haven’t yet

And because it never occurs to them to treat it like a REAL business, it never becomes one.

I’m not saying that’s YOU, but is it? 

Love you lots

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