What can you do to make better decisions?

The next time you question yourself on “What should I do about…………?”

  • Forget letting it rumble around in your brain and festering
  • Forget procrastination and not doing anything about it
  • Forget making any decision just to make one

You can make the best decision for you right now……and easily.

Ask yourself these 4 questions on a decision you want to make right now:

1: What will happen if…?
2: What won’t happen if…?
3: What do I want to have happen…?
4: What don’t I want to have happen…?

By using the WWDD – Will, Won’t, Do and Don’t for your decisions you will make them better and quicker.

What have you got to lose?

Staying the same as you are now or moving on making better decisions with ease?


This is a guest DBT by Anny Tenbult, JHM member and Leadership coach from Ontario, Canada. 

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