Over the last few days, I’ve been on coaching calls with transformation professionals in diverse fields, including:

  • Podiatry
  • Mind coaching
  • Personal training
  • Sales consultancy
  • Hypnotherapy

Diverse fields, yes.

Fundamentally the same challenge to attract their ideal clients, also yes.

I posted a video recently about finding your “groove” as a coach, trainer, therapist or consultant.

There’s a basic, relentless rhythm that forms the solid bedrock under your day-to-day actions.

  • Understanding and explaining WHAT you do, clearly and concisely
  • Identifying and engaging WHO you work with
  • Creating HOW you deliver it in a signature programme

Once you’ve got those Three Pillars in place, no amount of improvisation and out-of-tune singing on top can shake you from your beautiful music.

Groovy baby!


PS – If you haven’t heard of the Three Pillars yet, here they are.

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