I save snippets of writing that catch my eye, like my mother would clip and hoard coupons from the newspaper.

They go in a folder and I browse through it from time to time.

Something popped out today from my pal Paul Elliott, when he wrote:

“Isolation condemns talented people to limited achievements. If we were meant to work alone, we’d have been born on different planets…ideas exchange, staying out of overwhelm, allows you to 10x your income, your impact, and your fulfilment.”

I love that because it’s one of those obvious-but-not-obvious things that we don’t always pay enough attention to.

Forging strategic partnerships, building your team, choosing the right suppliers…all key ingredients of a successful practice.

So, how do you fancy learning some new stuff with other people just like you, facing the same challenges as you, and supporting each other as you grow? 

That’s at the heart of my Inner Circle, the brand-new members-only community launching next Thursday, the 6th September [My dear old mom’s birthday!].

In return for your monthly subscription, you’ll get all this…

  1. Weekly exclusive Zoom sessions with me and other JHM Experts on Tuesdays @ 6pm UK
  2. Access to the secret members-only Inner Circle Facebook Group
  3. Action tasks and goal-setting after each session
  4. 24/7 Messenger access to me and other JHM Experts
  5. FREE hard copy of my book to your postal address

You can join the waitlist for the Inner Circle now, and you probably should, as the first 25 subscribers on Thursday morning will get 50% off monthly subscriptions FOREVER!

Reply with #ICwaitlist, and you’ll be on it. 

Yep you read it right.

>> Half-price founder memberships for the first 25 only. <<

Not $99, but $49.50 a month.

Or, to put it another way:


As Paul reminded me, we’re not meant to work alone.

Let’s get our heads together and build your glorious future.


PS – If you skip straight to the PS, here’s the news – reply with #ICwaitlist and you’ll be in with a chance to score half-price-forever subscriptions to the Inner Circle.
PPS – Sorry if this one was a bit longer than normal. I’m more excited than an urban fox on a night when all the bins are out!

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