I don’t mean you’re too ambitious. What a silly idea that would be. 

No, but you might be trying to attract too many different kinds of people, too BIG a crowd.

Seth Godin talks about your SVA – Smallest Viable Audience – and in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business this means:

  • Making it clear exactly WHO you want in your community, and actively repelling everyone else
  • Doubling down on attracting more of the clients who proved easiest to find, to work with, and to get paid by
  • Continually refining your branding and messaging to deter the WRONG kind of people from cluttering up your world
  • Creating such massive joy and impact in your chosen micro-community, they can’t help telling other people like them about you
  • With such an enthralled SVA, you dominate the space and become THE authority, opening the door to exponential impact and abundance

Aiming for too big and wide an audience might just be the dream-killer you’re wrestling with right now.

In case you don’t believe me, check out the audience of this successful CAB client. 


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