You know when you get these inane connection requests on LinkedIn “because we have so much in common”?

It took me years to realise that limiting my closest connections to simple mirrors of myself was a ridiculous idea.

I did a friends audit in 2015, and realised that most of them agreed with everything I said, did and believed in.

Like-minded individuals, and comfort blankets too.

But just spending time with Jonny-clones wasn’t helping me learn, evolve or grow.

So, I found some people completely different to me:

  • A preacher
  • An international dealmaker
  • A multi-millionaire internet marketer
  • A hypnotherapist
  • An Indian faith healer
  • A Canadian podcaster
  • A mind-coach on his way to global acclaim for his writing.

Within 12 months, I (and they) had transformed my life.

Inspired, encouraged and challenged by people NOT AT ALL like me, I found a new direction with incredible rewards and limitless potential.

Next time you find yourself saying, “oh, we’ve got soooo much in common”, ask yourself this:

Is that a good thing, or not? 


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