In your 21st century coaching or therapy business, it’s good to have goals.

  • 5 new clients this month
  • 50 new members in the Group by July
  • £50k revenue by the end of the year

All fine, but goals are nothing without an extra, magical ingredient.

In fact, you’re way less likely to achieve them without it.

What is it?

It’s a VISION, that’s what.

Wrapped around your goals like a woolly onesie on a winter’s night, your vision is what underpins your goals.

It’s about how you imagine your future self living, behaving and feeling when your goals are met.

  • Where will you be, geographically?
  • What will you be doing, for fun and for work?
  • What will your finances look like?
  • How will your relationships be different?
  • What kind of freedom will you value most? (Location, Time or Financial?)

All those thoughts, and more, are essential parts of planning for your future success.

You might need some inspiration to nail your vision, which is why I’ve hatched a very special Thank Flip It’s Friday™ training today at 4pm UK.

Special guest and returning JHM expert Steve Blampied [AKA The Mindfixer] is joining me for a lively workshop showing you exactly what it takes to align your vision with your goals.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t, so join us live in JHM at 4pm UK and we’ll get you sorted.


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