Actually, you may become rich. 

In fact, you may be rich already, for all I know.

But, as William A. Henry writes in his acclaimed textbook “In Defence Of Elitism”, wealth and success doesn’t happen like you might imagine. 

“Too many people believe their chance of success depends on the whims of fate rather than on their own hard work,” he says.

“Worse, (this) ‘lottery mentality’ often translates into an assumption that all life is a game of chance, all success accidental, the wealthy and powerful simply lucky rather than accomplished.

When daydreams substitute for plans, when wishing seems more appropriate than work, when envy gains yet another rationale, (our) whole society is the loser.” 

The phrase “when daydreams substitute for plans” seems to resonate with some of my experiences in our profession.

Love you lots
Jonny 💖

PS: WHAT SAY YOU? Is success down to chance? How much of wealth is a happy accident? 

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