Lots of people have been reminding us that 2021 is half-over, and asking how we’re going to fill the second half. 

I did too, in JHM yesterday.

It’s kind of understandable that we divide up our own solar-revolutions like this, so we can’t blame people for being curious.

Still, having to summarise the last 6-month period in a few thoughts and words is quite a challenge.

Worse still, trying to predict the entire next 6 months feels like a bit of a stretch.

There’s also a danger in making ourselves think too far ahead, as the LONG term isn’t where the results lie.

I’m more curious about what you’ve done yesterday, and what you’ll do today to further your glorious quest.

Get that nailed, and the rest of your year will take care of itself.


PS: Jonny Hates Selling Book Group closing shortly, forever. Did you check out the post about prizes? Maybe YOU won one! 

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