Happy New Year!

I’m in a mood to give you a head-start into this amazing 2020, so here’s a small NYD gift.

It’s a beautiful little piece, word-for-word, from writer James Clear:

Real wealth is not about money.

Real wealth is:

-not having to go to meetings

-not having to spend time with jerks
-not being locked into status games
-not feeling like you have to say “yes”
-not worrying about others claiming your time and energy

Real wealth is about freedom. Money can help achieve these things, but there are plenty of people who make lots of money yet aren’t free.

When I read that, I like to think that kind of freedom should be a given in our profession.

It’s the reason we went into business in the first place, right?

Next question: why are so many coaches and therapists experiencing anything but freedom?

Maybe it’s because warmth and comfort comes from living in a box and playing small.

Inside the box, it feels safe, like you’ve giving yourself a job with a salary and a little bit of easy work to do.

It’s cold outside the box, and there are scary people and things everywhere.

Trouble is, getting scared is a stepping stone to true freedom.

In 2020, do something that scares you, and discover what wealth really means.


PS – If any of this scares you too bad, help is at hand. Have a dig in here and let me know what you think. 

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