Nothing personal of course, unless you’re one of those people who does need to actually shut up, and you probably know who you are.

No, I mean I’ve been thinking a lot about how mindful speaking can often mean more than endlessly blathering, or shooting from the hip.

They say silence is golden, and it’s a more than powerful tool in your armoury of coaching skills.

  • Like when somebody asks you a question or makes a statement that triggers you. Saying “That’s a great question/point. Let me take a moment to give it the answer it deserves” gives you breathing space and there’s nothing better to break their flow than, well, breaking their flow.
  • Or when a client asks you about a dilemma or challenge that’s on their mind, and you immediately know the answer. Take a respectful pause before you respond, and it’ll add gravitas to your advice. Remember your first thought is often your worst thought anyway.
  • And don’t think you have to respond to every puerile post or comment in your feed. Even if addressed directly to you, it doesn’t compel you to engage. It’s their request, not your obligation.
  • Finally, never forget what comfort there is in spending some of your day literally noise-free. Meditating, showering or walking in a field, assuming you have one near.

Love you lots

PS: What’s your favourite use of silence?

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