When I asked members of the Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group what was the most they thought they could earn [doing what they’re doing], there was an array of answers. 

The range went from average earnings to stellar, predictably.

One answer that stood out from the crowd came from life coach Dawn Bates, who said:

“I don’t earn… I receive. Earners are employees. Money is already made and I am open to receiving everything my heart and soul desires.” 

That really struck a chord, and not in a “Law of Attraction woo-woo” kind of way.

In a very practical sense, as a 21st century transformation professional, you can [and will] receive rewards based on a few fundamentals:

  • Accurately describing what it is you do
  • Laser-defining your ideal client
  • Building a simple, irresistible and scalable signature programme

Just do the work, get that stuff clear, and the world’s at your feet.

Sure beats trying to earn a living, right? 


PS – In the unlikely event you’re not already in the JHM FB Group, dive in now and join the learning, banter and debates like this one ^^^!  

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