A therapist on hard times said to me this week, only half-joking, “it’s alright for you Jonny. I’d be happy too if I had what you have!”

Thing is, they can’t have what I have.

That’s because they haven’t done what I’ve done.

They haven’t…

  • Had a career as a professional musician
  • Been married 4 times and thrice-divorced
  • Driven race cars for the last 25 years
  • Had three kids, one of whom is alienated and estranged from me
  • Built a business to 8 figures and sold it
  • Gone bankrupt and become close to homeless
  • Fought back working 16-hour days
  • Set a mission to improve the wealth of online experts around the world

In fact, nobody’s done that, apart from me.

Every single thing in that list (and more) has got me to where I am today.

Same with the therapist in the first sentence, and same with you. 

Nobody else can have your life, and you can’t have theirs.

Your choices and experiences on your journey so far have led you to exactly where they should.

So, question:

Why waste time comparing your current life to anyone else’s? 


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