I hear loads of excuses from coaches and therapists about why things are difficult or impossible to achieve.

After you hear those head-voices, it’s often easy to prove yourself wrong.

And that’s exactly why you should.

“I’m not ready to start coaching”
Prove yourself wrong by starting a conversation with someone who looks like your first client.

“My programme won’t work”
Prove yourself wrong by launching it, talking to a few people about it and letting them decide.

“I’m no good at writing”
Prove yourself wrong by starting writing and seeing what people think.

“I look awful on camera”
Prove yourself wrong by going live and watching the responses.

“People won’t pay me that much for this”
Prove yourself wrong by telling them how much it costs and letting them pay you.

JHM members are proving themselves wrong every day, by taking determined action to debunk their useless theories.

Are you ready to do that?

Love you lots

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