I wanted to put “hate” in the title, but that just seemed a bit heavy-handed. 

My Dad, for example, went though the entirety of his 95 years without anyone hating him, I’m certain.

But know this: you can’t please everyone. 

Associated concept: you shouldn’t try. 

As Karl Bryan says, someone is mad at you right now because you picked peace over drama, and distance over respect.

People are doubtless angry at me for not making their business a surefire success, despite their initial faith.

And I’m confident that many more don’t want to hear from me again in this life, however hard I wished I could have helped them.

So whaddya gonna do?


1: Pick a tiny slice of the population whose challenges and dreams you completely understand
2: Demonstrate how you can help them move from the place they’re in to the next, better one
3: Show up relentlessly, consistently with passion, vision and grace
4: Continuously improve your skills, knowledge and strategy
5: Make offers, underpinned with a genuine kindness

If they still don’t like it, tough.

That’s really ALL you got, right? 

Love you lots

PS: Did you spot the Sopranos reference?  

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