When a client says “I can’t afford it”, that’s rarely what they mean. 

What they really mean is:

  • You haven’t excited me enough yet
  • I don’t believe I’ll achieve my dreams if I do this
  • Sure I could find the money, but not for you
  • I don’t like you enough to trust you
  • This is a risk I’m not prepared to take

Trouble is, they rarely say any of that stuff. 

People are too nice to say that.

So, they tell pretty lies about affordability.

Of course, it’d actually be “nicer” if they just told the truth, because at least you’d learn what needs improving.

So, for now, you’ll have to take it from me:

Nobody has a budget for coaching.

But everybody has a budget for improving their lives, realising their dreams, and making themselves feel loved, happy and successful.

Listen to what they really want, show them how you can provide it, and the budget will appear.

As if by magic. 


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