There’s a six-step pattern of doom which many coaches and therapists seem to be trapped in:

1: Get Started – The exciting bit. Motivation at a high.
2: See Some Results – Make a little money. Get proud.
3: Slow Down – Reduce effort as they think they’ve worked hard enough already.
4: Compare To Others – “I deserve more than HER!”
5: Lose Motivation – Life’s sooo unfair. They start moaning about how other people richer than them must be fraudsters.
6: Game Over – Victim-mode kicks in, and they throw pity-parties for other victims where they share stories of their losses. Self-destruction is complete, as nobody is attracted to their toxic whining.


1: Understand where you are in the pattern at any time.
2: Use pattern-interrupt to stop the cogs grinding your dreams to dust.
3: Step out of the process you’re in, breathe, adjust and get back on the hoss.

There are many ways to succeed, and giving up too soon ain’t one of them.

Love you lots

[Idea credit: Tim Denning – Curious]

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