IT’S NOT YOU (well, maybe it is a bit)

👎 Is your low self-esteem at an all-time high?
👎 Is your imposter syndrome throbbing so hard you feel like a dyslexic at a toga party dressed as a goat?
👎 Do you feel about as useful as laserdisc repair shop?
👎 And are you always counting the pennies like my penniless grandma did her whole life?

Let me untangle your problem.

🤨 You’re not crap.
🤨 You’re not unwanted.
🤨 Money’s not scarce.
🤨 Success isn’t Not-For-You. (Obvs)

In fact, success and abundance are what you were built for.

So, here’s what to do right now, today.

[It’s Sunday as I write this, but any day will do if you’re reading this later.]

1: Pick one person in your network you’d like to have as a client.
2: Send them a DM telling them how much you love their work, and offer to jump on a quick call to see if you can share any useful insights
3: On that call, look, listen and make an irresistible offer to help them
4: Repeat stages 1-3 twice a day till all your problems disappear

You don’t have a skills problem.

You have a conversations problem.

As in, you’re not having enough.


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