Over the last 18 months, I’ve built a thriving business. 

It’s called, as you might know, Jonny Hates Marketing.

And I do. Some marketing, at least.

The funnely-tripwirey-landing-pagey kind that gets you a knot in your stomach just thinking about it.

So I built my business without all that.

I just talk to people who look like my next ideal client. 

Like you, maybe.

And that works so well, that I’m committed to showing you how to do that for yourself.

Sometimes, I’ll even do that for free.

My paid programmes are reliably sold out these days, so I put some time aside each week just to help.

Without expectation of getting paid.

In fact, here’s my diary link for you to reach out if you’d like some help. 

No strings, my treat.

It’s only 15 minutes, but it’s often enough to solve a gnarly problem.

Paying forward, and giving back.

Try me, then try it with your clients. 

It works.


PS – Don’t tell me you didn’t register for my Facebook Groups Free Challenge yet? It’s starting on Monday, and YOU need it! 

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