As Seth Godin says, quoting someone probably just like you:

“If I could just find someone to handle my sales and marketing, I could get back to work.” 

That thought’s probably crossed your mind.

But here’s the conundrum.

You’re looking for someone who:

Cares about your business as much as you
Costs less than the most you can afford
Will work full time with all their energy
Can speak as you in all written content
Protects your reputation as their own
Can market and sell better than you

Looking at that list, can you see there’s only one person who’s ever gonna fit that bill? 

Yep, it’s you.

And that’s because anybody with those skills already will be doing it for themselves, not looking for work.

Maybe your first hire needs to be someone learning and growing with you, so you can develop your journey together.

That’s the affordable, equitable and practical route to your exponential growth.  


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