I’m noticing the level of complaining, being triggered and feeling butt-hurt on the following topics is reaching epidemic proportions:

😭 The number of direct messages in your inbox
😭 The amount of advertising in your newsfeed
😭 People daring to ask if you need what they offer

I got news for you.

People are doing that stuff because it works.

It might even be working so well, they’re getting rich doing it.

What’s more, the amazing FREE platform you’re using to read these words right now wouldn’t exist if it didn’t let people market, sell and make money.

Would you rather marketing was banned and you paid £30 a month to use FB?

That’d never work of course, because all the clients you ever needed wouldn’t be here anymore, right in front of your keyboard.

So, instead of blubbering like a baby, wind your neck in and get to work.

📲 Work those DMs
📲 Work those SMSs
📲 Work those irresistible offers

There’s no easier way to reach all the clients you’ll ever need, and build a real business from your expertise.

Or you could just keep venting anger, scorn and envy on everyone else who’s already joined the party.

But know this: people sure as hell ain’t attracted by your whining, and your brand is likely nowhere near credible enough to have people throwing money at you without you asking them.

Love you lots

PS: Some people are rubbish at marketing, but do it anyway. They’re probably the ones you “object” to, as their offers are of zero interest to you. Learn from their mistakes, and don’t do it like that.

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