Don’t worry. I haven’t gone mad.

Now I’ve got your attention, here’s the thing.

I love using Facebook Groups (AKA The Great Blue Gift From Heaven) to launch and scale coaching and therapy businesses for my clients.

There are a zillion good reasons why a thriving FB Group would be a great idea for you.

But it might also be a terrible idea, like the plans for my new reality TV show – “Fast Animals. Slow Children.”

So, as a warning to you on this wonderful weekend, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Facebook Group.

🥺 You don’t know who your ideal clients are so you decide to invite “anyone” to join – that’s as daft as trying to sell Man United season tickets through the Man City supporters club
🥺 You make up a wonky name for your Group just to make sure nobody has a clue what you’re on about. “Soul Harmony Inner Transformation”, anyone? Anyone?
🥺 You decide to create zero original content, as there’s so much great stuff already out there and what’s not to love about slamming 3 YouTube links a day up so your members can watch all 6 hours of your inspiring recommendations?
🥺 You think “engagement” means inviting them to your Saturday morning “Coffee with <Insert Your Name Here>” Zoom call so they can Ask You Anything.
🥺 When you do post something, it’s usually about your last 15 years of torment/illness/breakdowns because everyone needs to see how “authentic” you are.
🥺 You let your members post anything they want anytime, so your Group wall looks like that time a plane crashed into that abattoir in a Brazilian favela. Probably.
🥺 You refuse to message any Group member who looks like they need your help, in case they think you’re one of those scammers selling Michael Jackson 2021 comeback tour tickets.

Somebody stop me, please.

I’m on a bloody roll, but you ain’t got time to read any more, and I honour that, I really do.

Love you lots

PS: If you want to do a Facebook Group the RIGHT way (aka the EASY way), next month is Facebook February here in JHM.
Also PS: Ink in Friday 26th Feb for a Facebook Groups Mini-Workshop to top-off the month. And type “FB” in an email reply here for a ticket.

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