Recently in JHM I asked you to name whichever comes easier to you, sales or marketing.

One enlightened member hit the nail on the head when she said:

“They are both the same”

And here’s the truth:

When you show up every day, in every way, you are selling something.

  • Selling what you stand for
  • Selling what you stand against
  • Selling your authority as an expert
  • Selling your ability to entertain and enthral
  • Selling the idea somebody should invest with you

Yes, in the words you speak & write, you are always selling.

Calling any of it “marketing” might just be a comfortable way for you to hide from the true purpose of your business.

Before you post next, ask this:

“What am I selling here, and what do I expect them to buy?”

If the answer to either is “nothing”, maybe don’t bother.

Love you lots

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