I had a gifted life coach telling me recently how she’s had to drop her prices as her clients have “less disposable income these days.”

Two things wrong with that:

1: It’s disturbing how she regards her services as “disposable”. What a horrible way to think of your own business.

2: More importantly, all the money in the world is still here. It’s moving around from person to person, family to family, business to business, just like it always has.

I was talking to a friend of mine this week who’s just back from a weekend visit to the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix, where he spent over £15,000 on VIP tickets and hotels for him, his wife and daughter.

The guy’s a reasonably successful business owner with 20 staff, but not a multi-millionaire by any means.

He also told me he’d love to have a “mind coach or somebody similar” to help him navigate commercial and strategy decisions he has to make in the coming months.

When I asked him how much he’d expect to pay for coaching like that, he said a mate of his just spent £25k on a retainer for his coach.

If you believe he’s unique, you’re mistaken. “The money” hasn’t disappeared.

It’s just sitting in someone else’s bank account waiting to pay you for helping them.


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