Last week on the 3-Day Sales Sprint, we talked about identifying your ideal client, and hanging out where they hang out online.

These days, that probably means in a Facebook Group, on LinkedIn or by encouraging them onto your own email or bot Messenger list.

Giving value underpins the art of starting a conversation, but there’s more than one way to do that:

  • If you spot someone asking for assistance, offer your support in a comment
  • When they post something smart, compliment them and show how you feel the same way
  • If they make an offer you like, tell them it’s looking good and wish them luck with it
  • Post a simple question that’s easy for them to answer and engage with
  • Tag some people you think would like to read a particular post

All those approaches are designed to open the door for an personal conversation where you can invite them on to a video call with you.

And that’s where the magic really happens.


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