There’s always been a lot of flak directed at everyone’s favourite social media monolith, from safeguarding to privacy and free-speech issues.

That’s without mentioning all the usual moans about the mythical Facebook “algorithm” and how it keeps moving the goalposts for us marketers.

Even I sometimes wonder if the FB bubble will burst, and we’ll be back to where we were BF (Before Facebook).

Right now though, here’s why you need to go full steam into a deep, meaningful relationship with the platform from Menlo Park, CA:

  • Facebook has changed the world, and for the better
  • You can find ALL the ideal clients you’ll ever need 100x easier than you could before, and THEY can find you too
  • An hour a day spreading your message in Facebook Groups replaces weeks of campaigning in traditional ways
  • My so-called “personal data” is being used to filter out stuff that won’t interest me, and notify me of stuff that will, saving me time
  • All this is FREE!!!

If you’d like a list of another 20 reasons why FB should be embraced, not feared, let me know and I’ll show you the rest.

Meanwhile, stop whining and stroke the mane of this astounding gift-horse, while you still can.

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