One of the great privileges of being a transformation professional in 2018 is the freedom to live and work from anywhere you choose.

I was reminded of this again, twice yesterday…

Firstly, we’ve been serious planning for the Tuscany retreat in May. We’ve set the dates, the venue and we’re working on the programme and pricing. I’ll keep you updated as things develop so you can see how we construct the whole programme, and maybe even get a flavour for coming along on it with us!

Later I was interviewed live by the lovely Angela McCall, travel counsellor and life coach, about the principles of location independence. We got talking about how anything’s possible, and the choice is truly yours as to where you live and work at any particular time.

Anyway, I’ll no doubt be spending a good proportion of this year outside my home country, and I’ll challenge you to do the same.

If you could work from anywhere in the world*, where would it be?


*You can.

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