Over the last five days, I’ve shared my heart and soul with you, and disclosed the five core values which infuse everything I do.

I thought it would be a great way for you to get to know me better, but also to guide you to thinking about your own values.

Why does this matter?

Defining your values is a really important, foundational exercise which you should undertake before you embark on creating a business.  

Your values form a kind of immutable template that lays down:

  • What you’re prepared to do
  • What you’re not prepared to do
  • What you simply can’t do
  • What you simply can’t NOT do
  • How you show up to the world

As a reminder, here are my five:

  1. I always strive to leave the world better than I found it
  2. I would rather turn away a client than work with the wrong one
  3. I always show up authentically
  4. I am always open to change and opportunity
  5. I do everything I can to optimise my health and longevity

As we have a couple of days over Easter to chill out and consider these kinds of deep, soul-searching ideas, drop me a reply and let me know:

What are your core values? 

5’s a good number, but anything from 3-10 works

Happy Easter!


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