I spent a few days with some old friends recently, and the conversation turned to retirement. 

Here’s when I’ll retire:

  • When my programmes, books and courses have impacted the lives of 1 million coaches and therapists around the world
  • When I’ve helped raise the average annual global coaching income from $30k to $50k
  • When it’s clear that the JHM business can continue to thrive and grow without me

It’s not as if my ability to do this work will be significantly diminished with age, and it’s way too important a mission to leave before it’s done. 

There is too much talent being squandered in our profession for a simple lack of marketing skills.
There are too many great and powerful voices not being heard.
And, there are too many broke experts, who deserve not be.

When that’s all sorted out, sure – I’ll retire.

Also, I am fully prepared for that to take quite a long time yet. 

How about you? When will your work be done?


PS – Summer is the time when work MUST be done, to line up sales for the big push to 2020. Here’s how to make that happen. 

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