Humans are terrible at predicting what might happen anytime after right now.

The further ahead we look, the more dire our hypotheses become.

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, that’s why it’s more practical to focus on actions than outcomes.

  • This person won’t become a client.
    You don’t know, so enjoy the conversation anyway
  • This client avatar isn’t right.
    Reach out to a few and see how you get on
  • Nobody’s going to like this post.
    Post it anyway and find out for sure
  • I don’t think this programme will work.
    Test it and let your clients decide
  • Maybe I don’t even have a business!
    Give it your best shot and see what happens

Nobody’s asking you to map out the rest of your life today.

But it would be useful if you started the journey to the glorious future you deserve, anytime soon.

Love you lots

PS: That pic? A 1950s view of 10 years ago!

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