When my lad was 3, he used to love me reading that wonderful children’s story involving chairs, porridge and beds. 

The star of the tale is a girl who tries things three times till she finds what’s just right for her.

Not too big, not too small. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too hard, not too soft.

And in your coaching or therapy practice, there’s some power in using the Goldilocks strategy to guide you to better decisions and more success.

  • A to-do list with more than 0 and less than 5 things on it
  • A programme priced low enough that your ideal clients can afford it, and high enough to let you thrive
  • A content plan that lets you progress but doesn’t drive you to exhaustion
  • Clients who stretch you without turning you inside out
  • Colleagues who pull you forwards without ripping your arms from their sockets

When you find yourself overwhelmed, overworked or burned out, it’s worth asking the question:

What would Goldilocks do now?  

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