Much of our days are spent tinkering.

Making small, inconsequential changes, that when accumulated will move us forward.

And that’s fine, right?

Sometimes, that’s all we can do.

But, in my life so far I’ve observed that whenever I changed One Big Thing, it felt like I’d opened a door into Narnia, and everything improved. 

  • Calling time on a toxic relationship
  • Discovering and marrying my ideal woman, at last
  • Stopping eating meat
  • Moving from a big old house to my perfect apartment
  • Rebranding The Success Party to Jonny Hates Marketing
  • Firing 8 tiresome clients that together paid me £6,000 + each and every month
  • Deciding only to work with people I like
  • Saying NO to 1-2-1 coaching

What One Big Thing could you change today?


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